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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss Interactive Resources and Popular Quotes

It is that time of year again to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday! I thought this would be the perfect time to remind you of the entertaining online resources that your students can enjoy during computer time, centers, or free time. Many of you probably already have Seussville and PBS Kids' The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! bookmarked on your computer; however, if you haven't had a chance to check out all the fun activities and resources here is quick snapshot of them.


You can learn all about Theodor Seuss Geisel from the "Author" section. It gives you a detailed timeline of both personal and professional events that happened in his life. I know in our third grade classes we have been really focusing on the characteristics of the biography genre, so this would be an excellent project for them to do. Important milestones could be passed out on strips of paper and they could arrange it in chronological order and recorded on their own timeline, or they could list major events for Dr. Seuss' life by pulling out the information independently. Another option would be to do an author study compiled from information gathered reading his biography, looking at the photo gallery, or watching the short videos from the website.

The "Games & Activities" are of course the most popular spot to be! Students have tons of choices to pick from such as rhymes, word searches, matching, shapes, same or different, and a lot more.

One of my favorite Seussville activities to recommend is the Storybook Maker. This activity allows students to create a three scene story similar to creating a comic strip.  It targets reading and writing skills in a fun, interactive way. Students first start out by picking their background (setting), characters, music, and type the text or dialogue they want the characters to say. The process is repeated for each scene. When they finish they can watch each scene unfold.

Other things to explore on Seussville are the short-clip videos, learning about every character from all of Dr. Seuss' books, and the educator section for printables and classroom resources.

PBS Kids also has oodles of educational interactives to play from The Cat in the Hat Know a Lot About That!


Check out Snap-O-Rama for categorizing games, puzzles, and memory match!

Students can also brush up on their math and science skills by playing a few of the games below. There are way too many to highlight!

Last but not least I want to leave you with 30 of Dr. Seuss' popular quotes. It was created by Mamiverse. My favorite is #16. What is your favorite Dr. Seuss quote?



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Thanks for sharing this!


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Love the quotes and the resources!


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I love the Dr. Seuss quotes! I'm your newest follower!
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I really love reading Dr. Seuss quotes. They are simply brilliant, wonderful and meaningful. Thanks for sharing!

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