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Friday, March 9, 2012


ClassDojo ( is a behavior management website that rewards positive behavior as it happens. Most importantly, it is free and simple to use! It works best if you bring up the webpage and display it on your interactive whiteboard or projector and allow the students to view it. You can award or deduct points for behavior and your students will see the results in real time. I also liked the fact that it allowed me to define my own positive and negative behaviors so it tailors to my classroom management. What’s the point if you cannot keep a record of it from day to day, right? Well the good news is ClassDojo has a report card feature that lets you email or print the behavior reports in PDF format. So, you can email parents the report with the breakdown of each behavior and add comments.

Do you use a smartphone, tablet, or handheld device? Then you can use it as a remote control to award points from anywhere in the room. Just go to to get started! (It seriously only took me a few minutes.)

It is a great way to create a positive learning environment so I just wanted to share. I only wish I could have used this a few years ago! Hopefully, this will work wonderfully for your class.


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