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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I know everyone has probably heard of Dropbox but this really is my top "can't live without" Web 2.0 tool. If you are not using it, you truly are missing out on a great productivity tool. I would used to carry around tons of flash drives and try to remember where I put them or try not to lose them. Honestly, I very seldom use them anymore because Dropbox takes care of all that for me. It is basically a virtual flash drive that is always there and you never have to worry about losing it, and you can always have access from anywhere there is internet. Currently, I have Dropbox on my home computer, work computer, iPhone, and all my other technology devices. The moment I add or modify a document it instantly updates it to all the other devices. I can't tell you how convenient it has been to pull up documents on my phone when I need them. Anyways, I have been accessing files all night from Dropbox so it prompted me to make a quick blog post about it. I will now leave everyone with a bit of humor below!

I think this pretty much sums up how a lot of us are feeling at the moment!


Kelley Dolling said...

Dropbox is the coolest resource ever. I really do need to put more of my stuff in my "box" so I can easily snag it at school. I am so excited that I found you. I need find some new ways to get tech into my room this year :)

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Amy J said...

OK...I have not heard of dropbox and now I must get it immediately! Thank you a million times. I'm so glad I found your blog!


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